Sam Sohmer, MA
Food is the interface through which the human body engages with the planetary body.”

As far back as I can remember, I have felt the numinous charge of food.  Prior to my early adult years, this charge was largely primal — a healthy, visceral attraction to the life sustaining practice of meal preparation and eating.  With a family of cooks, pastry chefs, soup peddlers, and pizza dough pullers, I was steeped during these early years (marinated, if you will) in the culture and creativity of food, which subsequently surfaced a deep passion for nutriment as art.  Yet after several unsatisfying (and rather grueling) years of line cooking, cookie dough slangin’, and 5-star catering, I became disenchanted by the fast-paced and hedonistic industry.  What’s worse, I temporarily lost my love for food…

With some sadness and a tinge of hope, I decided to shift gears and reignite my interest in psychology, returning to academia to complete my bachelors degree.  With this momentum, I quickly transitioned into my graduate studies in East-West Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco.  Through the inner exploration of my own psyche and spirit, I began to elucidate a new relationship with food: one of ecological, spiritual, and ethical awareness, exposing the implications that my eating habits had on both my own body and the Earth body.  And though well intentioned, I had for years avoided the impact that my interest in and practice of eating had on other living beings and the planet.  The burgeoning awareness rushed over me like a wave, fully crested and preparing to crash.  I finally decided to ride the wave and adopt a plant-based lifestyle, opting not to tacitly support the soulless, industrial practice of Animal Agriculture and its denigrating effect on not only domesticated animals, but the overall health and stability of the planet.

A year and a half later, I feel in deeper integrity with humanity and the planet — the aperture of my awareness continuing to expand, widening the frame that is food and the profundity of its impact.  I consider myself an amateur spiritual nutritionist, exploring the ways in which healthy and ethical relationship with food affects our bodies, minds, and spirits — not to mention the Earth.  It is from this position of humbleness and aspiration of integrity that I offer my thoughts and feelings regarding the interconnection of food, psyche, and spirit.

I currently live, play, sing, dance, and share meals with my lovely wife Olga in San Rafael, CA where we are so deeply blessed to be awaiting the arrival of our first child in May.  I am an improvisational musician, a trainee of the body-centered psychotherapy Hakomi, and lifelong nature enthusiast.  I am deeply blessed and honored to have the opportunity to share my relationship with food with all who come to listen, read, and comment.  Thank you, and welcome to PlantAlchemist!

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